Professional Tinters

Tint Shop Hawaii started window tinting in 1988 to complement our car detail service since then we have done over 150,000 vehicles and we are the largest supplier of SolarFree window films and 5 star installer.

Professional Tinters

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Professional Tinters

We offer a variety of services ranging from automotive, residential, and commercial tinting, to detailing, paint protection and rock chip repair.

Why Tint?

Whether it be automotive window tinting or residential & commercial window tinting tinting protects you, your home, & business from the UV rays; plus keep your utilities lower by keeping the heat out.

Sun Exposure

More than half of skin cancers start on the face and neck are linked to the exposure from the sun while driving. Quality tinting can protect you!

UV Ray Blocking

Tinting is the simple and effective solutions to reduce interior fading, our films block out 99.99% of the UV rays.The sun’s UV rays fade and crack the interior of your vehicle, home, and office.

Heat Reduction

Heat Reduction is usually the main reason people tint their windows. Tinting will reduce heat and things stay cooler. Our Carbon, or Nano Ceramic color-stable films, we can help defend against the sun’s beating rays.


Let’s face it, vehicles just look better  with quality tint! We’ve got a variety to select from to really make yours stand out!


Quality Tint can help reduce the blinding glares all around your vehicle, helping you see better and drive safer!


Safety is a priority for yourself, loved ones, and valuables, tinting can help protect them. Tinting not only protect your vehicle and your skin from harmful rays, it can help prevent people from seeing into your vehicle and seeing valuables to later steal. Quality tinting saves you that headache of dealing with the theft. 


Quality tinting offers more security! The adhesive between the film and tinted windows will prevent massive shattering of a window in the case of a break in and may even take intruders much longer to get through.


While our quality tinting protects your interior from cracking and fading it can also help your vehicle not work so hard to keep you cool. This stress relief on your engine helps engine problems and overheating.